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3 Tips for Writer’s Block and Creating Killer Content

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Overcoming Writer’s Block and Working Your Way Through BS Excuses.

Woman Rubbing her temples struggling with overcoming writer's block

Welcome you. You’re here because you’re a creative and health-focused entrepreneur or life coach who knows you need to add some intention-aligned and heart-balanced custom content to your website.

You recognize custom content’s importance, with 70% of marketers actively investing in content creation and seeing a 13% increase in ROIs with consistent blogging.

Endless content gets created daily. If you’re not providing consistently relevant and brand-aligned content, your business will get drowned out by competing coaching and holistic health businesses that do.

But when you’re dealing with writer's block?

Professional Man Screaming at Computer Struggling with Writer's Block

Creating even one 1000-word blog post sounds like your own personal Everest.

And although you can provide your subscribers with many alternative forms of content, you can’t escape blogging forever.

Did you know that blogging is rated the 5th most trustworthy source for learning online about a product?

Consumers feel more comfortable choosing how they learn about a brand. A flashy advertisement immediately sets off warning bells, signaling the bouncer about incoming icky sales techniques.

Consumers want authentic, heart-balanced copywriting that speaks to their struggles and provides life-affirming value.

Luckily, that’s what you’re all about. You’ve got the value; now you need to translate it into writing…

But even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a writer or only heard negative feedback from teachers and family alike - take a deep breath.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You just need to let people know you’ve got one.

So if you get frustrated, finding it impossible to sit still to channel your passion into writing? If you find yourself hitting walls, rubbing your temples, and screaming curses to the skies?

Don’t let the excuses ringing in your mind stop you. Instead, let’s diagnose what’s really going on so you can move beyond BS fear-based excuses to grow your business and achieve your dreams.

Getting Over Writer’s Block: 3 BS Excuses & Their Cures

Professional young woman who's overcome writer's block and sits working on her computer


1. "I Don’t Know What They Want from Me!" Writer's Block

I struggled with this a lot in my early writing.

I wanted to craft copy for my clients SO PERFECT I’d bypass any incoming criticism. Truthfully, I was scared - even the idea of criticism triggered sensitive areas my inner child still grapples with today.

I found a few critical truths to prove helpful in affirming my abilities and moving past this excuse.

These truths are:

  • Most People Don’t Know What They Want. Ask 100 different people for advice; you’ll get 100 vague suggestions. Really, they just don’t know! It’s your life path and your expertise. Focus on your clients’ shared struggles - most people want to feel understood.

  • People Crave Authenticity. No one likes a cheesy salesman. Your readers need to trust you understand their problems and have solutions. They don’t want a one-off book of genius you never publish - they want your consistency. Build their trust by showing up.

  • Everyone Starts Somewhere - Just Get Started. This is critical. It requires bravery and trust. It requires patience and understanding that results aren’t instantaneous.

If you find you suffer from this excuse, you might have a people-pleaser problem that paralyzes you in inaction. Work to affirm your value by putting pen to paper and sharing whatever comes.

This practice might look like a private account separate from work, or a daily talk with a trusted friend who’ll validate your talent and increase your confidence.

Your lack of industry validation is not your worst enemy - doubt is.


2. "I don’t know or have anything to say!" Writer's Block

That’s not true - you have plenty to say! You just might not be a huge fan of writing it down. Play around with ways you feel comfortable expressing yourself - take a walk and bring your phone. As you’re walking, record your thoughts - you never know what hidden gems might pop up!

Or, try this writing exercise. Schedule a block of time each day to write. It doesn’t matter about what or how long. Don’t write to finish. Choose how long you’ll write (start small) and stick to it.

Relieve yourself of the pressure of producing the perfect post that’s going to save your business and turn your life around! That post doesn’t exist.

Instead, give yourself permission to feel frustrated; to hate the experience of having nothing to write; to clear all the chatter that usually clouds the deeper intuition lying beneath.

If nothing comes to you, spend those 15 minutes venting about how nothing comes to you.

If everything comes to you and it feels like you can’t write fast enough, you still need to put the pen down when the timer goes off.

This daily drill is about training yourself to rely on practice, rather than wishy-washy lightning bolts of inspiration.

I recommend starting your mornings with this daily clearing. Eliminate that chatter from everyday activities, so you can sync into your intuition and align yourself with your overarching intentions.

After about a week, you’ll find you’re much more efficient in your writing and channel your creative genius throughout the day with joyous ease.


3. "Nothing I Write is Interesting or New" Writer's Block

Can I let you in on a secret?

There are no new ideas. Only truths that reinvent themselves and speak to new souls.

The struggles of a perfectionist. If you are constantly worrying about creating something that blows minds and transforms the world, you’ll never make anything at all.

Start by showing up for yourself. You need to reclaim your ability to make mistakes while maintaining your self-esteem.

Yes, I know I’m preaching to the choir to all my holistic health and self-help coaches. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder from someone outside ourselves.

Success does not come from having the best idea. Success comes from daily work. It’s not exciting or thrilling. It’s not a movie filled with quirky characters and oddball adventures that make time fly.

It’s simple: Show up for yourself. Do it every day.

If you want your client’s trust that you know how to help them, let them know you’ve been there! If you allow your readers to see the inspiringly vulnerable and passionate risk-taker you are, they’ll know it’s possible for them too.

So I’ll repeat it for the kids in the back: stop explaining why you can’t - just sit down and do it.

Need to trick your brain? Grab your smartphone, open up a recording app, and press start. The most brilliant thoughts often come when you least expect them.

Get in the habit of publishing your work. Create an account on Medium and invite friends and clients to read and share. The positive validation boosts your confidence and rewrites the ‘I’m just not a writer’ mentality into a growth-mindset that sees a world of opportunities.

Happy Young Man successfully having overcome writer's block

There are many ways to deal with writer’s block when it pops up. Experiment and find what works for you. Give yourself time and patience - you’re stretching a muscle you haven’t prioritized in a long while.

Give yourself permission to make a mess. Writing is about freedom of expression. Sometimes you need to wrestle in the muck before you find the right words.

And if you give writing a go and find you simply don’t have the time or desire to spend the hours needed to craft copywriting for web content and blog posts?

Reach out! Let’s schedule your Free 30 Minute Discovery Call. It’s time to brush up your content and make it so relevant to your readers, you’ll never need to hunt for clients again.

In the meantime, check out these articles for more tips to boost your marketing know-how:

With Gratitude,

Madison Reid

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