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Hi there! My name's    

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It's nice to *virtually* meet you.

Madison Reid, your personal development copywriter and wellness copywriter

I'm a bit of a logophile... 

A lover of words, in all their subjective connotations, confusingly abstract translations, & heart-stirring history.

From the melodic & heart-stirring sounds of a Shakespearean Sonnet, to the precisely penned prose of greats like Aldous Huxley to Lilith Butler--

Words have the ability to transport us. 

They have the power to heal and transform ourselves, from the inside out.

You teach your clients to rediscover & reconnect with the language of their soul...

... To learn to articulate their experience, & envision a world beyond self limiting beliefs, filled with balance, love and trust.

You help your clients reclaim their health - physical, mental, & emotional

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Reaching that place inside all of us that needs loving support and gentle guidance requires a highly trained intuitive skillset

I'm here to serve as your consistently playful & results-oriented guide into the world of Copywriting and Inbound Marketing.

But we are strangers, and if I want you to feel comfortable reaching out to me, it only seems fair to share some fun facts!

Hopefully you'll have as much fun reading as I had writing them...

Marketing requires another.

Big Life Moments!

Don't Harsh My Vibe...

🎉2020: Certified Lvl 1 Clean Health Fitness Institute:                                      Performance Nutrition Programming


🎉2020: Graduated Sarah Turner's Write Your Way to

                Freedom Copywriting Course

🎉2018: Graduated Magna Cum Laude from the

               University of Southern California's School of

               Dramatic Arts ✌️

🎉2012: Received my 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae

                Kwon Do after 11 years (gotta start 'em young)!

                I later practiced Krav Maga in LA [2015-2018].

Madison Reid: Your self help copywriter for life coaches

🌱 Enneagram: equal parts Investigator (V) &  Loyalist (VI)

🌱 Zodiac Signs:  🌞 Cancer  🌙 Capricorn   ⬆️ Taurus

🌱 Myers Briggs: INFJ-T

Pastimes:    🔹 Daily Workouts that make me question my sanity; Hiking

                       🔹 Belting Postmodern Jukebox in the Car

                       🔹 Laughter-filled Meandering Conversation

                       🔹 Moments of True Connection      

                       🔹 Feeling the Sun & Wind Dance over My Skin

Books:          🔹 The Indifferent Stars Above   --  Daniel James Brown

                        🔹 Brave New World   --  Aldous Huxley

                        🔹 Lilith's Brood   --  Octavia Butler

                        🔹 Braving the Wilderness   --  Brené Brown

Shows:     🔹 Sense8               🔹 Buffy         🔹 BSG    

                    🔹Supernatural        🔹 Futureman     

                    🔹 Rick & Morty       🔹 The Fall

Fan Favorites!

Ready to revitalize your copy with an intention-aligned and spirit-lifting makeover?

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