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Welcome to my portfolio! Here you'll find a collection of my agency and independent work from the past four years. For your viewing pleasure, I've organized my samples into four categories:

(1) Health Tech, Holistic Wellness, Fitness

(2) Psychology Centers & Addiction Services

(3) Evidence-Based Alternative Medicine

(4) Personal Development & Career Coaching

Anything underlined is linked to my work. If you have any questions, just send me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP. 

Health Tech, Holistic Wellness, Fitness

Screenshot of copywriting for mental health client Muse about how meditation changes the brain
Screenshot of social media copywriting for mental health client Muse on 3 grounding techniques for anxiety
Screenshot of social media content writing for mental health and meditation client Muse, Martin Luther King Jr. Quote "We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."


Muse: the Brainwave Sensing Headband

SEO Blogs • Newsletters • Social Media

One of my favorite clients to-date has been Muse, the EEG headband that specializes in neurofeedback brain training to help clients reclaim inner peace, hone their focus, and improve their sleep quality.


In our time together I spearheaded SEO-tailored blog content, email campaigns, and social media that translated dense neuroscience and health science into understandable, relatable, and life-changing content.

Social Media Samples

SEO Blog Samples

“On Instagram, her contributions led to a 93% year-over-year increase in total engagements, thanks to a staggering 356% increase in post frequency… Furthermore, Madison's efforts resulted in a 220% increase in total engagements on Facebook year over year, accompanied by a 2.33% growth in our fan base.

“Our blog post frequency increased by 60%, resulting in an extraordinary 281% surge in social engagements related to blogs and an 8.47% boost in web traffic on all blog articles.“

~ Madison Ramsay, Product Marketing Manager at Muse


Trusted Nutrition (SEO Blogs)

I worked with Trusted Nutrition to write competitive, informative, and fun SEO blogs focused on trending and little-discussed topics in fitness. I worked independently to source topics and load them into Wordpress.

SEO Blog Samples

Screenshot of Copywriting for Trusted Nutrition: 3 Vitamins to Succeed with your Vegetarian Diet
Screenshot of Copywriting for Trusted Nutrition: 3 Alternative Diets to Keto
Screenshot of Copywriting for Trusted Nutrition: How to Avoid Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Psychology Centers & Addiction Services

Screenshot for blog writing "can lifestyle impact your mood"
Screenshot for psychology blog writing "how psychologists help kids and teens with ADHD"
Screenshot for mental health blog writing "6 myths about teletherapy, debunked"


Bhatia Psychology (SEO Blogs)

Bhatia Psychology is an evidence-based and heart-centered therapeutic mental health services group. I worked as a ghostwriter with an agency to write easy-to-read, educational articles with a spirit of warmth, support, and professionalism that competed with other high-ranking articles.

SEO Blogs


Headlands ATS (SEO Articles)

I worked with an agency (Active Marketing) to translate complex health sciences into professional, engaging, and competitive SEO blogs that give insight and educate about addiction rehabilitation.

SEO Article Samples

Screenshot for mental health and addiction blog content writing "addressing emotional abuse during addiction treatment"
Screenshot for addiction blog content writing "the role of pharmacology in addiction treatment"
Screenshot for Addiction treatment blog writing "the toll of grief and how to cope"


Pacific Beach Health (SEO Blogs)

I also worked with Active Marketing to translate complex health sciences into professional, engaging, and competitive SEO blogs that give insight and educate about addiction rehabilitation.

SEO Blog Samples


Stages of Recovery (SEO Blogs)

I worked Active Marketing for another addiction client to translate complex addiction treatment services into professional, engaging, and competitive SEO blogs that give insight and educate about addiction rehabilitation.

SEO Blog Samples

Screenshot of Webpage writing for addiction treatment services "What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?"

Evidence-Based Alternative Medicine

Screenshot of Healing Lab Homepage
Blog copywriting medical health "The impact of arthritis on your heart"
Screenshot of social media copywriting for holistic chronic pain relief client


Healing Lab

SEO Blogs • Newsletters • Social Media • Guides • Website Rewrites • FB Ads 

Healing Lab specializes in holistic approaches to arthritis and chronic pain, namely through nutrition, supplements, lifestyle shifts, and energy healing. I've worked with Healing Lab since 2021 on a variety of projects, defining brand voice and market strategy while navigating FDA regulations.

Social Media Samples

SEO Blog Samples

Email Newsletter

4-Email Warm-up Sequence

(I don't receive the emails, so I've linked the finalized copy in Google Doc form as delivered to my client.)


Tapping with Dani

SEO • Brand Voice • Website • Course Sales Pages • Speeches

Dani is a trauma-informed care provider who offers courses in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapping.


Since our first meeting, I’ve collaborated with Dani on numerous projects, including helping Dani define her brand voice, write her website, and write a collection of speeches together.

Screenshot of website copywriting for Tapping with Dani Homepage "You Deserve to Feel Safe, in Control, and Free."
Screenshot of copywriting for website homepage of Lauri Poldre's Transformational Sound "Overthinking is the Enemy of Innovation"


Lauri Poldre Transformative Sound

SEO • Brand Voice • Website • Product Descriptions

Lauri is a sound bath guide specializing in clarity and performance-enhancing sound for the tech industry.

I worked with Lauri to flesh out his brand voice, before doing SEO and market research to make sure his website was not only discoverable, but appealed to his target audience. I wrote his website and the product descriptions for each of his tracks.

Personal Development & Career Coaching

Screenshot of Career and confidence coach website content writing
Screenshot of life coaching blog "7 tips to boost confidence and help you make fast decisions"
Screenshot of social media content writing LinkedIn post


Career & Confidence Coach for Women in Tech

Brand Voice • SEO Strategy • Website Copy • Social Media • SEO Blogs

Rachel Leeman-Munk is a Senior Software Engineer who was seeking support in building out her website and launching her coaching business supporting women engineers in tech.

Together, we uncovered her brand voice, infused targeted SEO keywords into her site, and wrote her website and a starter pack of blogs and social media posts to launch her business!

Social Media Samples

SEO Blog Samples


Career Coach, Cynthia Orduña

Website Landing page • Sales Pages • Course Modules • Pitches •
Social Media • SEO Blogs • Brand Guidelines

My work with Cynthia first began with writing her monthly LinkedIn content. Cynthia preferred a more collaborative approach, and we would hold regular calls where she would share her ideas, and I would then crystallize them into content.

Later, I helped write her website landing page and course sales page, Youtube profilecourse modules, pitches for magazines, internal brand guidelines, ads, and SEO blogs.

Social Media Samples

Screenshot of Cynthia Orduña landing page website copywriting for career coach
Screenshot of blog content writing for career coach "3 easy ways to manifest your dream job"
Screenshot copywriting social media content career coach LinkedIn

"I utilized her copywriting services for everything from my website, Instagram posts, LinkedIn posts, and content repurposing because she's just THAT good. On LinkedIn, my visibility increased 3x more than before, I had posts hit 10k views, and was invited to speak on multiple podcasts and virtual events in just a few months of working together."

~ Cynthia Orduña, Career Coach

Screenshot of website landing page SEO copywriting for Napoleon Hill Institute Personal Development Coaching


Napoleon Hill Institute

SEO • Brand Voice • Website Copywriting

The Napoleon Hill Institute stands as the first-ever coaching program with exclusive rights to the seminal coaching work Napoleon Hill penned in his book, "Think and Grow Rich."

I worked with the Napoleon Hill Institute to uncover their unique brand voice (one of class, fiery purpose, and heart-centered motivation), and write an inspiring, impact-oriented landing page for their website launch.


VLove Inc, Vanessa Montes

SEO • Brand Voice • Website • Workshop Descriptions

Vanessa is a corporate and personal wellness coach. She reached out to me to help her flesh out her brand voice and write her website, including her about page, sales pages, and workshop descriptions.

As she pivoted towards corporate clientele, she reached out to me again to revise and fine-tune her webpage copy.

Screenshot of homepage website copywriting for life coach and wellness coach VLove Inc
Screenshot of wellness workshops copywriting
Screenshot of wellness workshops copywriting

"Madison has been god sent for my business! Not only is she professional in her work, but she is so articulate, kind, patient, and just a dream to work with. She listened to everything I told her and turn my words into art."

~ Vanessa Montes, Founder of VLove, Inc

Screenshot of wellness coach website copywriting for about page


Cherry Bligh, Wellness Coach

SEO • Brand Voice • Website Copywriting

Cherry hired me to revamp her website and make it more engaging and relatable. In our first meeting, I worked to uncover more of Cherry’s “why” and understand her unique approach to the work. I wrote out her website (including her homepage, about, therapeutic approaches page, program sales page, and more). 


The end result: a website that sparkled and called out to the hearts of those she truly wanted to connect with.


Altaz Coaching

Brand Voice • Website Copywriting

Jessica works as a decision empowerment coach and is the Founder of Altaz Coaching. She reached out to me for help updating her website. She wanted to make the writing more specific to her approach and personal for her audience. We collaborated to crystallize her coaching philosophy and brand voice, and I wrote her website.

Screenshot of website copywriting for career and life coach at Altaz Coaching
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